MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd can Design, Supply, Install, Commission, Train and Support any of the following Solutions:
* Broadcast Centres
* Television Stations

* OB Vehicles
* SNG Vehicles
* Production and News Studios
* Edit Suites
* Duplicating and Dubbing Suites
* Standards Conversion Systems
* Transmitter Networks
* Satellite and Up-Link Systems
* LMMDS Systems
* Microwave Systems
* Radio Stations
* Radio Studios
* Changes and/or Expansion

MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd offer a wide range of Backup Services.
* Guarantees and Warranties
* Service and Repair

* Disaster Recovery
* Training
* Support
* Reviews

MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd can supply Total Design and Project Management Services for your new or existing building requirements.
* Site Acquisition
* Architectural Design
* Building Cost Control
* Structural
* Mechanical and Electrical
* Air Conditioning

* Acoustics

MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd can offer Specialist and Project Management Services specifically tailored to the Television and Radio Environment.
* Financial Business Plans
* Sales and Air Time Sales
* Encryption
* Customer Management
* Marketing, Publicity & Advertising
* Programme Production
* Programme Acquisition
* Personnel and Recruitmen

MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd in conjunction with its Partners can offer the following Services world-wide.
* Broadcast Hire
* Presentation Hire
* Event Staging
* Video Conferencing
* Business Graphics
* Videowalls and Prowalls
* Road shows
* Shoots and Facilities
* Service Contracts
* Seminars and Conferences
* Large Presentations
* Bulk Duplication
* Medical Vision & Imaging Systems

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