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May 2005 - Classics TV went on-air from the 1st May from Genesis 247's Central London playout centre built by MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd.

April 2005 - MVI Completes Contract to Design and Build an 8 Channel Broadcast Centre for Genesis 247 in Central London in just 6 weeks

April 2005 - MVI is to be Awarded Worldwide Systems Integration Rights for the Systemisation of PCMCR Products into Turnkey Solutions

April 2005 - MVI is to Sign a Service Provision Agreement  with MNN for Bring the K2 Pakistani Bouquet to the e-BIRD Platform for UK viewers

March 2005 - MVI is to be Appointed as Sales Agents and Client Managers for Genesis 247 Central London Playout Centre

February 2005 - MVI has been Chosen To Design & Build an 8 Channel Broadcast Centre for Genesis 247

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